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Fastenors and Bolts
  • Stainless Machine Screws - 18-8 Phillips Flat, 18-8 Philips Oval, 18-8 Philips Pan, 18-8 Philips Truss

  • Machine Screws - Combo (Phil/Slot) Round Zinc, Combo (Phil/Slot) Truss Zinc, Indented Hex Head Zinc, Indented Hex Washer Head Slotted Zinc, Indented Hex Waster Head Zinc, Mushroom Head Combo (Slot/Phil) Zinc, Philips Flat Zinc. Philips Oval Zinc, Philips Pan Zinc, Philips Round Zinc, Philips Truss Zinc, Slotted Round Zinc. Thumb Screw Type A with Shoulder Zinc, Thumb Screw Type B No Shoulder Zinc

  • Stainless Self Tapping Screws - 18-8 Philips Flat, 18-8 Philips Oval, 18-8 Philips Pan

  • Self Tapping Screws - Type A Zinc, Type AB Zinc, Type B Zinc, Thread Rolling Screws Zinc Wax,

  • Self Drilling Screws - Proffered SDS HWH No Slot Zinc, Proffered SDS HWH with Bonded Washer Zinc, SDS HWH with Sealing Washers Zinc, Proffered SDS HWH with Sealing Washers Zinc, Proffered SDS K-Lath/Mod Truss Phil Zinc, Proffered SDS Pan Framing PHOS, Proffered SDS Pan Phil Framing Zinc, Proffered SDS Phil Pan Zinc, Proffered SDS Trim Head Square Drive Zinc, Proffered SDS Wafer Phil with Wings Zinc, Proffered SDS Wafer Phil Zinc, Proffered SDS Phil Bugle Gray Phos (LB), Proffered SDS Zinc (LB), SDS HWH Unslotted with Bonded Washer Zinc, Self Drilling Screws Maxiseal Washer Climaseal (USA), Self Drilling Screws Stainless Steel 18-8, Self Drilling Screws Teks LIght Duty Zinc Bake (USA), Self Drilling Screws Teks Scots Head Climaseal (USA), Self Drilling Screws Teks with Bonded Washer Climaseal (USA), Self Drilling Screws Zinc, Teks SDS Zinc Climaseal (USA), Teks2 SDS Zinc (USA) 

  • Construction Screws - Proffered Drywall Screws Bugle Philips Coarse Thread Gray Phos, Proffered Drywall Screws Bugle Philips Coarse Thread Zinc/Yel, Proffered Drywall Screws Bugle Philips Fine thread Gray Phos, Proffered Drywall Screws Pan Phil Framing Gray Phos, Proffered Phil Bugle Laminating Screw Gray Phos, Proffered Philips Drive Bits - Plain, Deck Screw Square Drive Phosphate Hardened, Deck Screw Square Drive Zinc/Yel Hardened, Deck Screw Philips Dacrotized, Drywall Screws Philips Bugle Phos, Drywall Screws Philips Bugle NC Zinc, Drywall Screws Philips Bugle Zinc/Yel, Drywall Screws Philips K-Lath Twinfast Zinc, Self-Drilling Drywall Screws Philips Bugle Self Drilling #2PT Phos, Self-Drilling Drywall Screws Bugle Head Philips Zinc, Self Piercing Screws Zinc

View all of our socket products below.

  • Socket Cap Screws - Alloy Plain, Alloy Zinc, Alloy Class 12.9 Plain DIN 912, 18-8 Stainless Steel

  • Socket Shoulder Screws - Alloy Plain

  • Cup Point Set Screws - Alloy Plain, 18-8 Stainless Steel

  • Assorted Pt. Set Screws - Alloy Cone Pt. Plain, Cone Pt. 18-8 Stainless Steel, Alloy Half Dog Plain, Half Dog 18-8 Stainless Steel, Alloy Full Dog Plain, Alloy Flat Pt. Plain, Flat Pt. 18-8 Stainless Steel, Alloy Knurled Pt. Plain, Alloy Knurled Pt. Class 14.9 Plain

  • Dowell Pins - Alloy Plain, 18-8 Stainless Steel

  • Short Arm Hex Keys - 86.50 Alloy (Metric) Plain

  • Grade 2 - Grade 2 Plain, Grade 2 Zinc

  • Grade 5 and 8.8 - Grade 5 Plain, Grade 5 Zinc, Class 8.8 DIN 933/961

  • Grade 8 and 10.9 - Grade 8 Plain (Import), Grade 8 Zinc / Yel (Import), Grade 8 Plain (USA)

  • Stainless - 18-8 Hex Cap Screws, 316 Cap Screws

  • L9 Fastening System - SAE Tension Flat Washers Zinc / Yel (USA)

  • Hex Bolts - A307 Grade A Plain, A307 Grade A Zinc, A307 Grade A HDG

  • Carriage Bolts - A307 Grade A Zinc, A307 Grade A HDG, Grade 5 Zinc, 18-8 Stainless Steel

  • Assorted Bolts - Hex Flange Screws Serrated Grade 5 Zinc, Timber Bolts A 307 Grade A HDG

  • Tap Bolts - A307 Grade A Zinc, Grade 5 Zinc

  • Hex Lag Screws - Plain, Zinc, HDG, 18-8 Stainless Steel

  • Structural Bolts - A325 Bolt Plain Assembly (Import), A325 Type 1 HDG (Import), A325 Type 1 Plain (Import), A490 TC Bold Plain Assembly (Import)

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From screws to bolts and anchors, we have almost any type of fastener you will need. View all of our fastener products below or visit us to learn more. We deal with self drilling screws, drywall screws, sheet metal screws, pop rivets, concrete wedge anchors, tapcons, epoxy anchors, sleeve anchors and structural bolts.

Shop our variety of bolt products.

Find the right screws for any project.

Using the correct fastener is vital with any project. Let us help you find the perfect equipment for any job.

Purchase all of your fasteners from A M Supply.

Nut products available at A M Supply.

  • Finished Hex Nuts - Finished Hex Nuts Plain, Finished Hex Nuts Zinc, Finished Hex Nuts HDG, Finished Hex Nuts Grade 5 Zinc, Finished Hex Nuts Grade 8 Alloy Zinc Bake, Finishes Hex Nuts Grade 8 Plain, Finished Hex Nuts Grade 8 Zinc/Yel, Finished Hex Nuts Brass, Left Hand Nut Zinc, Hex Nuts Class 8 DIN 934 Zinc, Hex Nuts Class 8 DIN 934 Zinc/Yel, Hex Nuts Class 10 DIN 934 Zinc/Blue

  • Heavy Hex Nuts - A194 Heavy Hex Nuts Plain, A194 2H Heavy Hex Nuts HDG, A563 Grade C Heavy Hex Nuts Plain

  • Hex Jam Nuts - Finishes Hex Jam Nuts Zinc, Finishes Hex Jam Nuts Zinc/Yel, Finished Hex Jam Nuts HDG

  • Machine Screw Nuts - Hex Machine Screw Nuts Zinc, Square Machine Screw Nuts Zinc

  • Nylon Insert Locknuts - Grade A Nylon Insert Locknut Zinc, Grade A Nylon Insert Lucknut, NE. Zinc/Yel

  • All Metal Locknuts - Serrated Flange Zinc, External Tooth Keps Zinc, Reversible (2 way) Zinc

  • Stainless Hex Nuts - 18-8 Hex Nuts, 316 Hex Nuts, 18-8 Machine Screw Nuts

  • Assorted Nuts - Heavy Slotted Hex Nuts Course Plain, Hex Coupling Nut A563 A Zinc, Slotted Finishes Hex Nuts Fine Zinc, Tee Nuts 3 and 4 Prong Zinc

  • Cotter Pins - Cotter Pins Extended Prong Square Cut Zinc

Read more about our washer products.

  • Flat Washers (Low Carbon) - USS Plain (50 lb Carton), USS Zinc (50 lb Carton), USS HDG (50 lb Carton), SAE Zinc (50 lb Carton), Fender Washers Zinc (50 lb Carton)

  • Flat Washers (Thru Hardened) - USS Thru Hardened Zinc

  • Flat Washers (Stainless) - 18-8 Commercial Standard, 18-8 Fender Standard, 18-8 SAE Flat Washers

  • Split Lockwashers Alloy - Alloy Zinc

  • Split Lockwashers (Thru Hardened) - Thru Hardened Hi Collar Zinc/Yel, Thru Hardened Zinc/Yel (USA)

  • Lockwashers - External Tooth Zinc, Internal Tooth Zinc, Internal / External Tooth Lock Washers Zinc, Split Lockwashers

  • Stainless Split Lockwashers - 18-8 Stainless Steel

  • Square Washers - Square Beveled F436 Hardened Washers HDG, Square Beveled F436 Hardened Washers Plain

  • Assorted Washers - Bonded Sealing Washers Zinc

  • Structural Washers - A325 DTI Squirter Washer Mech Gal, F436 Plain, F436 HDG

Browse our array of anchor products.

  • Anchors - Anchor Bolt with Nut and Washer HDG, Drop-In Anchor 18-8 Stainless, Drop-In Anchor with Setting Tool Zinc, Expansion Shield Double Zinc Alloy, Expansion Shield Single Zinc Alloy, E-Z Anchors Self Drill (USA), Hammer Drive Anchro Mushroom Head with Zinc Nails, Hollow Wall Anchor Combo (Phil/Slot) Pan, Hollow Wall Anchor Tool, Hollow Wall Drive Anchor Combo (Phil/Slot) Pan, Lag Screw Expansion Shields Long Zinc Alloy, Lag Screws Expansion Shield Short Zinc Alloy, Machine Screw Anchor, Machine Screw Anchor Setting Tool Zinc, Sleeve Anchor Acorn Nut Zinc, Sleeve Anchor Flat Head Zinc, Sleeve Anchor Hex Nut 18-8 Stainless, Sleeve Anchor Hex Nut Zinc, Sleeve Anchors Round Head Zinc, Split Fast Anchors Head Zinc, Concrete Screw, Toggle Bolts Acoustical Zinc, Toggle Bolts Zinc, Toggle Wing Zinc, Wedge Anchors HDG, Wedge Anchors Stainless Steel 304, Wedge Anchors Stainless Steel 316, Wedge Anchors Zinc, Wood Screw Anchor Lead Alloy

  • Rivets - Rivets Aluminum 5052 / Aluminum 5052 Dome Head, Rivets Aluminum 5056 / Steel Dome Head, Rivets Steel / Steel Dome Head, Rivets Stainless 304 Stainless 304 Dome Head

Shop our rod and stud products.

  • Carbon Steel Threaded Rods - A307 All Thread Rod Plain, A307 All Thread Rod Zinc (N.C. and N.F.), A307 All thread Rod HDG, A193 B7 All Thread Rod Plain

  • Stainless Threaded Rod - 18-8 Thread Rod

  • Studs - A193Grade B7 Stud Plain

  • Sheet metal screws

  • Tapcons

  • Epoxy anchors